United we stand. The gift of my child’s smile.#RRBC #RWISA

This old world just keeps getting weirder by the minute, but given I wasn’t expected to live more than a few hours when I was rushed into hospital recently the weirdness just continues. My darling daughter found me unconscious and unresponsive and a team of dedicated paramedics kept me alive as they rushed me into the intensive care unit. The doctors are at a loss to understand how I possibly survived, I was clinically dead and the fact that I’ve just been released and am back in the loving shelter of my dear little family as we go into the world wide lockdown has them scratching their heads in amazement. My daughter and I have spoken at length about this and we have both come to the conclusion that even in my subconscious my absolute will to fight back will not let go. I don’t know the answers, my friends. I do know that my life has been one massive fight for survival and I simply don’t know how to give up. Whatever the reasons, my friends, I’m here. I’m loved, and if I have more words yet to write they will be written. Thank you so much for caring. I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and know that we all stand united in a world holding its breath. United we stand, divided we fall. Great old song, it means so much more to hear it now.
Hugs, my friends.

25 thoughts on “United we stand. The gift of my child’s smile.#RRBC #RWISA

    1. Hugs and thank you, my friend. I’ve simply decided to hang around, after all, Tiny and I haven’t had our first date yet. I truly believe Tiny and I are a wrestling match in the making. 🤣

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  1. Hi, Soooz. You have been on my mind so strongly the past few weeks and when I saw your Facebook post, I then knew why. It’s not time for you to leave yet, for whatever reason. Sending you positive healing vibrations and yes, you are loved on a universal level! Hugs, my dear friend!

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    1. ❤I am so damned lucky to have made friends like you, Jan. How wonderful that we can all stay connected via the internet as we all face this challenge together. Thank you for the love and warm wishes, my friend.


  2. Hi Sooz, I am glad you are well to write a few words to convey the miracles we come across. Will-power really matters and I think that’s what kept you good and you are back at your home. I had noticed that your tweets were missing for almost a month but being positive-minded person, I thought you were taking a break from digital world.
    Thanks for sharing this news. All’s well that ends well. How are you feeling now? Take care!


  3. Hi Soooz, sorry to hear this happened. Thank God your daughter found you and you were rescued. Did this happened before and your cat licked you to wake you? Are you feeling a little better now? Do you know what caused it? Sending you all the love. Take care.

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    1. Hi, Miriam. I have been very ill for a very long time now, and frankly didn’t expect to still be here. I have severe Emphysema, self inflicted after years of smoking heavily, and chronic pancreatitis. Coupled with Type 1 diabetes makes for a complicated medical history. However, I celebrated my 66th Birthday on April 14th and it was such a memorable day shared with my small loving family. I count each new dawn as a blessing, my friend. Thanks so much for caring. Stay safe and well. ❤

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      1. Congratulations, Soooz. Happy birthday to you. You do have a lot on your plate. Health issues are so difficult to deal with. Are you currently in treatments? I remember that your daughter lives close by. Are you living by yourself? I hope she checks on you every day. Maybe you can text her a couple times a day, even if you just say ‘hi.’ ❤

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      2. I’m blessed to be living with my daughter and small grandson, my friend. She is also my carer, and it is hard work to say the least. We laugh loud and often and find great comfort in the fact that we are all together under one roof. I bless the day I gave birth to her, she is an amazing human being and my pride in her grows every day. 😍


      3. So glad to hear that, Soooz. Probably it takes a lot of her worries away also, with you living with her. It’s nothing compared to having grandma with your small grandson. I wish to be close to my grandchildren. I just video chatted with my daughter and saw my son-in-law and two granddaughters. But it’s nothing like with with them. My second granddaughter is three weeks old. My daughter said she smiled at one-week old. I wish to be there to see the excitement.

        Your daughter is your pride and joy, Soooz. I’m thankful for you. 😍💐

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      4. Thank you, my friend. My grandson is a dear little seven year old and is autistic. It’s a challenge helping him connect with the world around him, yet he gives us such pleasure when that connection is made and his intelligence levels are off the charts. His memory is simply outstanding and I’m so glad I’m here with them and able to watch his progress. I’m so sad for you, that those wonderful moments of first smiles aren’t able to be shared first hand. Hold fast to the belief that this nightmare will pass, my friend. Hope is something we need to cling to. ❤

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      5. What a delight to have a grandson showing such an intelligence at an early age. It gives you a great joy just by watching him. Good memory at this age builds a firm foundation for his lifelong learning.

        I video chatted with my daughter and saw the family. Yes, I hold my hope to see this mess through. Some states here slowly open certain businesses on May 1. Just pray that there won’t be a second wave of the virus for them. ❤

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