‘Talent Spotter’: #1 Presenting 6 Books for your enjoyment.

Welcome to the very first edition of ‘Talent Spotter’ I will be featuring Five Authors with each post. The links to purchase any of these books are included … If you would like to be featured details are at the conclusion of this presentation.

Lets Begin …

Welcome Author Greta van der Rol.

Talent Spotter COVER GRETA VAN DER ROL ELLE 27th july

About ‘Ella and The Admiral’

When Admiral Goran Chandler suddenly turns up in Ella’s restaurant her comfortable world is thrown into turmoil. Ten years ago he’d been a senior commander, and captain of the frigate Antelope. She had been Lieutenant Bulich then, and he’d kicked her off his ship.

With unexpected danger threatening, and a killer stalking the corridors of the Hotel Majestic, Ella and the admiral must work together to escape with their lives before they can consider the events of ten years ago, and what they mean now.

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Fast-paced action adventure with a dollop of romance

Welcome Author Bill Kirton.

Talent spotter COVER BILL KIRTON

The brother of a respected G.P is found with his throat cut. Guilty men who, thanks to a clever lawyer, have been acquitted, begin to disappear. Rape victim Rhona Kirk starts a new life in Dundee but finds it difficult to shake off her past. And the men she’s been connected with also start to go missing.

DCI Jack Carston’s own darker impulses stir as he searches for the links between all these disparate events. He senses a strong, empathetic bond between himself and whoever is responsible. His investigation is a race against both time and his own unsettling thoughts.

 But the final outcome is beyond even his worst imaginings.



 Welcome Author Jay Shaw.

Talent Spotters cover for Jay Shaw The-Space-Colonels-Woman-JayAheer2016-smallpreview

Helicopter pilot, Julia Swift, lives her life from one rescue to the next. Unlucky in love, she longs for a lover who resembles the hero of her favorite space show, Phoenix Rising.

When an injured man falls through a portal and lands on her local beach, it seems the universe has granted her wish. Not only does Colonel Mark Holden resemble the fictional military commander, he also bears his name.

Despite the incredulity of their situation, Mark and Julia share an inexplicable connection. They realize they have spent their whole lives searching for each other. But when Mark’s team comes to rescue him, Julia must choose. Will she stay behind? Or will she travel with a man she hardly knows, to the fictional Dragonus Galaxy? A world brought to life in an alternate reality…

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Welcome Author Simon Forward.

Talent Spotter Cover Simon Forward.



Welcome to the worlds of the Tortenschloss Chronicles.

These are worlds of Singing Swords, Prodigal Bulls and Extreme Unicorns. Of woolves and pandas and investigative jesters. Where bee-stings can be magical and cups can grant wishes without the aid of saucery. Where heroes might not always be heroic, but they will certainly be colourful.

This is a short story collection that will continue to grow after reading. Every few months, this Kindle version will be updated with two more stories, FREE bonus content, complete with accompanying illustrations and author’s notes. Just download when your device notifies you the updated version is available.

Pour yourself a cuppa and grab yourself several slices of fantasy adventure.

(Suitable for dunking.)




Welcome Author John Holt.

Talent spotters John Holt

My latest novel, the sixth to feature Tom Kendall, is “A Case Of Murder”

Whittaker passed the drinks over. “Anyway, it seems that he’s got himself into a bit of bother,” he continued. “A very serious bit of bother.”
“Bother?” repeated Kendall.
Whittaker heaved a sigh. “Yes you know,” he replied. “Trouble.”
Kendall nodded. “Oh trouble, I get you,” he said. “So what sort of bother are we talking about?”
Whittaker took another drink. “Well it’s a case of murder I’m afraid.”
“Murder,” repeated Mollie. Whittaker said nothing, but simply nodded agreement.
Another murder, thought Kendall. Just what I need. “Just stop right there, for a moment, and re-wind will you,” he said. “Then let’s have it from the top, slowly.”



And finally my own book. S. Burke ‘Acts Beyond Redemption.’

Amazon Cover

In Book 1 of the ‘Unintended Consequences’ series Acts Beyond Redemption takes you on a twisted, deadly ,journey.
Mike Matheson is head of a Special Task Force set up by the F.B.I to track down and apprehend the serial killers responsible for 18 brutal murders.

He and his team are exhausted, frustrated, and ready to burn out after almost five years and no leads.

Nothing in their experience has prepared them for this. Nothing in their imaginations could conceive of the truth hidden in plain sight.
Someone is deflecting their weary eyes away from a truth too incomprehensible to be permitted to exist.
Revealing it and those that set it in motion would bring the most powerful country on earth to its knees. The corridors of power shake.

Who will be buried in the shattered remains of a country where freedom and honor are treasured above all things?

Just how far will those elected to protect and defend go, to keep the American dream alive.

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