Puzzles of Life! Reality Called! So I HUNG up!

‘Puzzles of Life Page’ musings and random thoughts.

 Reality called…So I hung up!funny-stuff-for-fb-5jpg-copy

C’mon already! Enough with this reality gig. Too many thing to juggle makes Soooz even crazier than usual. Trust me it’s not a good look.

The sorry state of the world won’t alter if I opt out for a while. My immediate vicinity will improve when those around me are not needing to deal with this woman when she over-stresses.

So I checked out of That hotel; but I did leave a forwarding address.

So, I know, right, I should be a big girl and grow into my big-girl panties!

But I don’t wanna!

So I’m here to play, with random ideas and future possible nightmares.

I put on my favorite music for freelance thinking, Circa 1980’s and beyond; Including Everything that Billy Joel ever made. Puts me in  the let’s remember the great stuff mode.

I love it here.

Here I can walk and run freely, I can laugh with the purity of happy memories enfolding me.

Here the world had not yet learned the fear I now see.

Here my child is newly born, and that joy overwhelms me.

Here the man I loved still loved me back.

Here the future was glowing with promise.

But the NOW?

Let’s see, I can still laugh at the new memories I’m given. Well, yes.

I don’t allow that fear to inspire my own. Uh-huh, yeah.

Here my child, has her child and that joy overwhelms me.

Here the man I now love; loves me right back.

Here the future is just as warm with promise.

Well whadya now?

I love it here.



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