‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ Week #43 Entry Part 4) by Jen Goldie @J.E.Goldie #iartg #WritingPrompts #WritingCommunity

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to Part 4) of the entries for my weekly: “Fiction in A Flash Challenge 2021.  Week #43.

Today I’m featuring contributions from entry Part 4. By Jen Goldie.
Last week I set the following Challenge:
Hello everyone and welcome to my new “Fiction in A Flash Challenge!” Each week I’ll be featuring an image and inviting you to write a Flash Fiction or Non-Fiction piece inspired by that image in any format and genre of your choosing.  Maximum word count: 750 words.

Here is the image prompt.

“Ahoy! All Hands hoay!”

Ahoy! All hands hoay!
Avast! Me hearties! Hye the Coxwain!
Let ‘er slip, aye she rides! Scuttlin’ t’ward the lighthouse.
Arrgh!!! Hornswaggled!!! that lily livered landlubber. HAR!!!
“Cap! We done it!”
“That we did lad. That we did! Arrgh!”
“Now hoist the sails! Sing me hearties!
Skimmed our Sandy, right by the Ocean Ride!
So, heave ho! Buckos!
Rough waters and a full moon ta sail with!
Golden skies blood red seas

Hoist the sails! Arrgh! Jolly Roger!!!!!
Roll the Hogshead! Drink up! Aye!!!
We got a full moon, we’re full gale!
Yee’ll get yer share a loot,
Aye!!!!!!, Carousers!


Hornswaggled = to cheat, swindle
Hogshead = Barrel of Rum
Avast ye! – Stop you!; pay attention!
all hands hoay – everyone on the deck
Coxwain = lookout



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