‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ Week #36 Entry Part 4) By D.L.Finn @dlfinnauthor #IARTG #WritingPrompts #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to Part 4) of the entries for my weekly: “Fiction in A Flash Challenge 2021.  Week #36.
Today I’m featuring a contribution By D L Finn.
Last week I set the following Challenge:
Hello everyone and welcome to my new “Fiction in A Flash Challenge!” Each week I’ll be featuring an image and inviting you to write a Flash Fiction or Non-Fiction piece inspired by that image in any format and genre of your choosing.  Maximum word count: 750 words.

Here is the image prompt and D.L.Finns contribution.

vasilios-muselimis-S7avQRg8ZLI-unsplashDenise says … “I went with a Haibun Poem, which is a combination of a prose paragraph and a Haiku/Senryu working together”.


I had carefully reapplied the blue, yellow, black, and brown paint to the 67 VW van. I added a touch of dirt onto my metal canvas to make it look like I’d been on the road for a couple of weeks. Each sixties phrase and symbol were brought to life after being buried in the junkyard for years. The webbed glass was replaced, and the wheels now supported the body. I secured the final headlight, more than satisfied with my effort. A shudder ran through my body as I proceeded through the final check. Each positive mark on my list got me closer to the goal. Finally, each box was filled. It was ready. I sank into my hemp covered seat and took a long, cleansing breath. This van would serve as my home now, and I’d included a small stove, bed, toilet, fridge, and sink. It had been tricky building it around the powerful engine, but not impossible. I’d found a way to run the van on Vodka, but any liquor that was 70 proof or higher would do in a pinch. After selling everything I owned for this moment, all I had left was my beloved black cat, Stormy, who would be my only companion and my roof garden. I smiled and started the engine.

The time machine packed
Hope still lingers in the past
Here, I’ll save our world.


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