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Hello everyone and a warm welcome to PART 2)  of the entries for my weekly: “Fiction in A Flash Challenge” Week #9.

Today I’m featuring contributions from entry 3) by Gerry McCullough.

Last week I set the following Challenge:

Hello everyone and welcome to my new “Fiction in A Flash Challenge!” Each week I’ll be featuring an image and inviting you to write a Flash Fiction or Non-Fiction piece inspired by that image in any format and genre of your choosing.  Maximum word count: 750 words.

Here is the image prompt.

Flash Fiction week 9 another good treehouse

3) Contributed by Gerry McCullough.

The Elf in the Tree House


Gerry McCullough

‘Joey, are you there?’

Joey the elf crawled sleepily to the doorway of his tree house in response to the anxious voice.

‘Yeah. Who is it? Oh, it’s you, Sweety.’

Sweety clicked her fingers and floated up to join Joey on the platform round his house.

‘I need your help, Joey. Well, not just me – it’s that kid I told you about. He’s coming to play in the woods for a while now. His parents own the big house on the south edge just beside the village, but they’ve never at home. Away working. He has a nanny, but I think he’s lonely. He’s been coming here and playing with his dog.’

‘Yeah, I’ve seen them. A brown, scruffy looking mongrel, right? And the kid’s about seven, at a guess.’

‘So, he managed to lose the dog, and he spent hours trying to find him and then fell asleep. Didn’t go home last night.’

‘Well, aren’t his parents looking for him?’

‘They’re looking for him okay, Joey, but if they find him here, they’ll likely stop him coming to the woods again. And it’s one of the few pleasures the kid’s got. Besides, there’s the dog.’

‘The dog?’ Joey closed his eyes for a moment to see. ‘The dog’s stuck in a rabbit hole, down by the pool,’ he said. ‘Best thing is if we get him out of there, and then lead him and the kid out of the forest and leave him safely in the village where he’s bound to be found.’

‘Fine, Joey. We’d better start with the dog. Can’t have bad stories going round about the Magic Wood. It’s our job to look after it and prevent that sort of thing, isn’t it?’

Together the elf and the wood fairy flew down to the pool, and Sweety could see for herself what Joey had told her. The little brown mongrel was stuck in a rabbit hole. He had been struggling to get out, and the more he had struggled, the deeper in he had got. ‘We’d better be invisible for this, Sweety,’ Joey said briskly. ‘Don’t want to scare either the boy or the dog out of their wits.’

‘And don’t want them going home and telling people about us either,’ Sweety agreed. She went over to the dog and began to soothe him, while Joey used his powers to draw the dog safely out. The collar round the scrawny neck said, ‘Tommy.’

‘Tommy, Tommy,’ crooned Sweety in his ear. ‘Come with me, Tommy.’

She flew before him, still crooning, and Tommy, not seeing her, but hearing an attractive sound, followed her obediently.

Joey left it to Sweety to see to it that the dog reached the outskirts of the village safely, while he turned his attention to the boy. He found him, as he had seen him in his mind’s eye, curled up at the foot of a huge chestnut tree, his face stained with tears.

Joey, who could imitate anything he liked, began to bark in the voice of the dog Tommy.

The boy sat up, the expression on his face suddenly one of joy.

‘Tommy! Where are you?’

Joey, barking regularly, led Tommy’s owner out of the woods until he in turn reached the village.

‘We’ll leave them at Mrs Williams’ sweety shop,’ decided Joey. ‘They’ll be safe enough there. She’ll give the boy a lollypop, and call his parents. We’d better make sure he forgets about being in the wood. ’ He clicked his fingers and it was done.

Mrs Willams, a big plump comfortable looking woman with curly grey hair and rosy cheeks, was surprised to see her two unexpected guests when she came to open up her shop.

‘Why, Charlie, what are you and Tommy doing here?’ she exclaimed, hugging Charlie. ‘Here, have a lollypop. Your Mum and Dad have been so worried about you. I’ll ring them and they’ll be straight down.’

‘I fell asleep,’ Charlie said, his voice still drowsy. He sucked his lollypop happily. ‘I would have gone home if I hadn’t fallen asleep.’ He had forgotten all about being in the Magic Wood.

Joey and Sweety smiled at each other. Then they flew back to the wood, and Sweety went off to her hollow tree to tidy her hair, while Joey settled himself down snugly in his tree house, to resume the sleep Charlie’s troubles had interrupted.


Gerry may be contacted here!

Gerry McCullough
Irish Writer & Poet


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