The Alternative By Suzanne Burke- My Review

I’m delighted to share this marvelous review of my New Release “The Alternative” Thank you, John Howell @HowellWave #RRBC

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I originally posted a review for the Alternative on Amazon. Yes, I bought the book, read it and gave a five-star review. For some reason yet to be explained, Amazon removed my review. So I feel no obligation not to publish the same review here on my blog. So here it is.

My Five Star Review

Suzanne Burke has a masterful way of telling a story. She is very direct in laying out the plot in such a way as to convince the reader that the ending will naturally follow the sequence that has been presented. The beauty of the way Ms. Burke crafts her tale is when the finish comes it packs the wallop of a couple of horse’s hooves.

The collection of stories in The Alternative is no exception to this phenomenon. One cannot even be assured that any one of the stories will follow a prescribed path to…

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10 thoughts on “The Alternative By Suzanne Burke- My Review

  1. You must be thrilled with John’s terrific review, Soooz. It’s a shame Amazon removed it, especially since it’s so engaging. If I were John, I’d be tempted to create a second Amazon account under a different name and email, and then post again ❤️

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    1. 😊Thanks, Tina. I’m so proud of this review, and yes I was gutted when Amazon took it down … and then some, but as for the Amazon thing, I could never ask or expect any reviewer to possibly jeopardize their own relationship with the biggest fish in the pond. We are at their mercy, my friend. Perhaps we should remind them that mercy comes from a much higher power. Sigh. ❤️️

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