#ShortStory “Runnin’ away to Heaven” @pursoot #RRBC #IARTG

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A short story written to share with my young grandson. This image deseved a story to fit it. Please enjoy … “Runnin’ Away to Heaven.”



Tiny and me is runnin’ away.  Not to join no circus.  Uh-uh, no sir.  We is just gonna go some place, where people don’t talk so loud at me all the time.  Me and the little guy, well, we is pals, and pals look out for one another.

My name is Pete.  Some folks call me Petey, and this here little guy is my elephant, Tiny.  Only I guess he don’t really belong to me, but he is surely my friend.

I don’t know for sure where Tiny comed from, but one morning I waked up, just before I comed here, I was cold and hungry, and Tiny was just sittin’ there, cute as anythin’ and lookin’ at me funny like. Like he understood jus’ how I was feelin’.

I don’t think he’s the proper size for an elephant .  I ain’t never seen one afore, but I seen pictures, and they’s mostly big critters, even the baby ones is big.  I figure Tiny just needs to eat some more and he’ll gets to be big too.  Like them other ones is.

I don’t remember my mom or dad, seems like they up and died when I was maybe two.  So I was sent to the orphanage. Now an orphanage is a big ol’ house, where lots a kids is, who don’t have no ma and pa, like me.  I don’t rightly know how long I been in that place, seems like an awful long time.

Some of the kids got to get brand new moms and dads, which I figure must be real nice.  Every time that happens, every one is smilin’ it up real big,  and they get special food to eat, and new stuff to wear.  So ya gotta start thinkin’ it ain’t a bad thing, doncha know.

Anyways, nobody wanted to be my new mom or dad.  Lots of folks thought I was real nice, and cute and all, but it seems they changed they’s thinkin’ when thems finded out I can’t hear so good.  So when I needs to talk it comes out different or somethin’.

Tiny here he don’t have no problem with it.  He can’t talk none either, but he makes a funny sound sometimes when he puts his trunk thing in the air, sorta like music.  I can hear it real good too.

Anyways, tomorrow, some more folks is comin’ to look me over.  I figure they’ll be doin’ the same ol’ thing.  Soon as they’s gone, me and my pal Tiny here we is gonna, sneak off.  Real quiet like.  They wonts know we has gone till suppertime.


I slept only a little bit last evenin’; all I could think about was where Tiny and me is gonna go.  I figure we might head on to that heaven place.  I here tell it’s s’posed to be real peaceful, and pretty like.

Ain’t zackly sure how to get there.  But I heared that you just gotta be real nice and kind, and ya gets there sometime.  So I figure I can do that, and Tiny well he is jus’ so gentle … he be sure to get in.

A big fancy automobile just pulled up out front. I think them folks what has come to look me over is here.  Thems must be mighty rich to have them one of those.

The lady sure is pretty.  Her fella looks okay too.  I figure it don’t matter none, cause they’ll just do that sad head-shakin’ thing, an’ they’ll be gone like all them others.

Yep, they’s comin’ up the stairs.  I’m s’posed to be in the big music room, so me and Tiny gotta scurry.  Tiny is okay cause I don’t think no one else can see him, jus’ me.

They’s jus’ comed in.  My, yes, she surely is the prettiest lady I has ever seed.

The matron is talkin’ to ‘em, I can’t hear what they is sayin’, probably complainin’ bout wastin’ they’s time.

Oh, them are comin’ over.

The pretty lady looked at me right in my face and she smiled.

“Hello, Pete.  My name is Annie.  This fine looking gentleman is my husband, Jonathon.”

“ H’lo.”

The man put his hand out, and I guess he wanted me to shake it. I seen the Matron do that lots of times. His hand felt good, kinda strong, but not squeezy.

“That’s a good firm handshake you have there, young Pete.”  Said Mr. Jonathon.

“Than’, yo.”

“Pete” The lady said,”My name is Annie and my husband Jonathon, is a Doctor.  Friends of ours told us about you.  They said you were a fine young man; however they couldn’t take you to live with them, and it made them very sad.

“My husband and I have a special place in our hearts for young people.  Especially those who have may have problems with hearing and speech.  Would it be okay with you if you came to live with us?  We would both be very happy if you were to say yes.”

I couldn’t believe it, they knew I was different, and they still wanted me to come and be their … to come and live with ‘em.  I jus’ couldn’t believe it.  I looked over at Tiny, and he was noddin’ his head and blowin’ music through his trunk thing.

“Well, Pete, what do you say, would you like to give us a chance to be your new mom and dad?”

“Yes , oh, yes! Um … I  … yes!”

I was happy fit to bust and Tiny was doin’ a little elephant dance thing.  Matron was cryin’, but I ain’t sure how come.  She hugged me real close, and told me to mind my manners.

So here I is, sittin’ up front in that big fancy automobile, with Annie and Jonathon.

“You’re new last name is going to be Sullivan, Petey.  Can you say, Sullivan?”

“Su … s … sull.”

“That’s a good start, Petey.”  Said Jonathon.

He looked at me for a while then he gave me the biggest smile I’d ever seen

“Oh, and, Petey, what does your little elephant like to eat?”

Seems to me, like Tiny and me done already found us that heaven place.



I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks so much for stopping by.


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