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Maretha Botha at Fauna Park Tales

Part 1

Not everything in the woods are always as it seems. While the monkeys chatter happily in the trees and the good humans are reading to their grandchildren, others are making mischief. One such character is a dark-feathered bird, called the common myna.He looks like a robber – black head and neck, yellow feet and legs, beak and eye patch. White wing patches show underneath his mud-brown feathers. He and his partner are outlaws as far as other birds in the forest are concerned. These mynas find their way around other birds’ nests, causing great misery. This morning is no exception and even the monkeys stop their constant chattering to hear what the odd-looking pair of mynas cackle about. 

‘I’ll show those crimson-breasted shrikes what I can do!’ and then the male kicks their remaining egg out of the nest and whistle shrilly, ‘Be quick! There’s no time to…

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