Mae Clair Says a Storm is Brewing

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn more about Talented Author, Mae Clair. Be in the running to win some great prizes! And read an exciting excerpt from her book “Eclipse Lake”

Staci Troilo

Hi, everyone. Today Story Empire is starting a virtual roadshow. The six authors are “taking their show on the road” and touring each other’s sites. I’ll be featured on a few other sites this week, too. Today, you can find me at Marlena Smith’s site as well as at Story Empire’s C. S. Boyack’s site. I hope you visit.

Before you go, though, I’m pleased to kick off the Story Empire Roadshow by hosting a frequent and favorite visitor here, Mae Clair. Mae, take it away!

Hi, friends! I’m jazzed to be visiting with Staci during the Story Empire Roadshow blog tour. If you’re just now connecting, there are posts at all SE author blogs today, with tour prizes scattered throughout. Be sure to check the full slate of events HERE to view the latest happenings.

And don’t forget to follow along. Grand prizes are up for grabs when…

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