Hey – it’s #RRBC #PUSHTUESDAY & the Spotlight’s on LARRY HYATT!

Larry Hyatt, remember the name folks! Great reading to be found in the pages of his book! Take a look!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Every Tuesday #RRBC celebrates one of our most supportive members by tweeting like mad about them and their book(s)… Today it’s the turn of veteran radio broadcaster, comedian, all-round entertainer and author LARRY HYATT  to step up onto the platform for a super day in the sun that lasts all week! 😀


61x5aydugwl-_ux250_Since the age of five I’ve been a performer. I’ve written radio comedy, sketch comedy and plays, produced television and radio, worked as a creative director for an arts and entertainment magazine, and published numerous humorous articles and essays. Add appearing in operas, musicals, and a movie, and one would wonder how someone who has entertained so much, has so little. Well, I’ll tell you…but wait, that would be stupid, because I wrote the book on having what it takes, and now want you to buy my book on knowing what it doesn’t.

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