Talent Spotter #5. My guest today:Author Kelli Young.

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My guest:

Author Kelli Young. With her book Anam CaraTalent Spotter Kelli YOung cover

Ainslee MacDonald is a fierce lass, and not one to shrink from danger. Jeopardy has a way of finding her and it does when the Saxons invade the Scottish Highlands. Meeting hardship after challenging hardship, her indomitable spirit flourishes when she meets her soul friend, her Anam Cara.

Conall Geirson is no mere man; he is the beast who comes to Ainslee’s aid, bonding their fates. His tribe is hidden, more myth and legend, but Ainslee’s knows they’re real, for Conall’s love is so visceral that she forsakes tradition to vow her life to him.

Their path is perilous, devoted, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Lairds, soldiers, priests, and crones may derail their perfect union, but the one thing no human counted on was her sons being forged of their mother’s mettle, or that love transcends human perception.

This is an epic journey which tugs so hard on the heartstrings they break.

Read the brief Excerpt!

“Sorceress! Heretic! Devil’s Consort! Witch!” accused the crowd.

With her head down as the people standing around hurled curses and insults, Ainslee tried to steady the rhythm of her heart. The tightness in her chest was beginning to make her faint, fear of her condemnation increasing at the unpredictability of the mob.

Dressed only in her night-clothes, having fallen to her knees as the village folk pushed and pulled at her, she was shoved to the resident parish.

Christianity was new to her village and those whom lived on the outskirts, like her and her clan they were not open to the idea of this one god. Though a crude building made like most of the thatch and moss houses, the parish was like walking into Rome with its golden crosses and foul incense.

The priest, Father Paddrig, was a portly man with rotten teeth, breath that would send a fiend fleeing, and had the presence of the Bog Man himself. He was sent from Ireland to redeem the masses in this heathen countryside, whether they required it or not.

Most of the village was too afraid to tell him that wasn’t their way, for he had threatened hellfire down upon them if they weren’t willing to convert. The gods they worshipped were all about nature and love. Hellfire was the last thing they wanted to mess with, though they had not the slightest idea of what it even was.

As Ainslee gained her footing the rioters forced her back to her knees. Bloodied and bruised she crawled toward the prayer benches, seeking refuge. Before she was abducted from the pond below her own thatch and moss abode, she had blessed and kissed her two little boys to sleep.

“Bring her forward, bring me the Whore of Babylon!” shouted Fr. Paddrig.

Hands rushed to seize her upper arms. Stunned at the intense pressure of the hold, she struggled and scratched. Ainslee knew it would make it worse, but in her heart she had reason to fight.

Her fatherless sons were bastards to the villagers and the church, yet beloved to her clan. While she carried both of her boys, going to the village to trade goods was difficult. She was called names for they knew she had no husband. Some would refuse her altogether. Niall was the oldest at seven years, and Bowie only five.

At seven her Niall was broad of shoulder, thin in the waist and hips, hair like a highland bull. His mouth was smart but only to those who warranted it. His mind like a sponge soaking up everything around him. Fearless to a fault he was her championBowie was her little lover. Arms always outstretched to claim her neck; he would smother her in butterfly kisses. Bowie had a pucker that would eventually drive the lasses wild, with eyelashes they would swoon over. He had the look of mischief with a hint of innocence that kept you guessing at which you would get. His tawny hair, big blue eyes, and crooked grin got him out of trouble more than she could count.

They were her heart, her world. She knew she would never see them grow to be the men she had taught them to be. They would never get to see the pride in her eyes as they took their wives in handfasting, had their bairn, or made lives for themselves. She would never get to introduce them to the man reputed as their father.

She told them stories of how they met, fell in love, and brought them into the world. Oh how she wished they could know their father, but it had to be this way for all their protection. She would be the village heretic, the devil’s consort, or even the Whore of Babylon, for all of them.

Their secret would die with her. She would not allow the village to harm what was hers, and what she loved, because of their ignorance of what has been for hundreds of years.

 What reviewers are saying!

# 1 …The story of Conall and Ainslee left me feeling so many emotions. These two were fated to be together but supernatural circumstances kept them from truly living the life they were due.I fell in love with them both and I cried like a baby reading about the injustice that was heaped upon Ainslee more than once.Kelli McDonald Young has the ability to make you live her stories,I found myself not reading words but immersed in the story like a voyeur.When I read the last page I felt cheated because I Needed More,so you can imagine the elation that swept over me when I found out there will indeed be more!! Thank you Kelli for enriching my life with your glorious words!

# 2 …In her debut, author Kelli Young shows her immense ability for writing a truthful story with a supernatural twist set in Scotland long ago. Anam Cara is an epic adventure of so many things. A mother’s undying love for her children, uprising against a man and a religion that demonizes a woman who stands up against it, and the idea that love and the soul are eternal. This story speaks of ultimate sacrifices, love surviving even the darkest of times, and a dark and very enjoyable vengeance laid out. This story is a truth about life and love with themes that can be echoed in today’s day and age and yet the setting of the story made me feel as if I was in a country I had never been before and a time that I had only read in history books. Yet, I felt right at home as being part of the family.To say that I enjoyed the ending the best would be an understatement, because I think it was a very justified ending. I don’t really want to give it away but I think it is very suitable for the story. The best part about this writing is the fact that this is going to be a part of a series that novelist Kelli is putting together. This story was heart-wrenching, and yet satisfying on so many levels and I anticipate the next book in this series.

# 3 …This is one author who doesn’t shy away from the nitty gritty. Life was hard in the good old days and this is described explicitly. Many folk think we’d do better going backwards, back to living in the days before the Industrial revolution, back to ‘simpler’ times. Really? After reading this novel I don’t think those days were ‘simpler’, I think they were scary and brutal and horrendous.

# 4 …In this debut novel Kelli McDonald-Young manages to take us into a tale that feels like a hybrid between Danielle Steele and Diana Gabaldon, it was so emotive that I sobbed many times (in completely different places). I came to care so much about the characters that I just couldn’t bear their hardship, their heartbreaks, their pain. This is a love story, but it’s also a wake up call. Life wasn’t easier back then, not by a long shot.

It’s believable, unforgettable, and compelling. This is the kind of book you can’t leave alone, whenever you put it down to do something else the characters are dogging you, calling you, and it’s like a siren you can’t ignore. Loved it, well and truly loved this novel. It’s a highlander/viking romance set in historical times, and it’s so… so much more. I can’t wait for the next one!

The tale is complex and interesting, and the characters are colorful, drawing on the history of the place and the people who once inhabited the wild hills. The descriptions of the highlands brings the place to life, and the ending is not as expected. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in the tales of the pagan past of the Scottish Highlands, and the mysticism that surrounds them.


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