Talent Spotter #2. A selection of books for your enjoyment.

Welcome to Talent Spotter. This is a site where promotion of Indie and small press authors is absolutely free.

Details on how you can have your book featured here will be given at the end of this post.

Welcome Author T K Geering

Talent Spotter cover Tee Geering RUSSIAN GIFT OF LOVE BOOK COVER

Appearances can be deceptive.

Vicky is a successful published author, but this is just a cover for her real job. A Detective Chief Inspector dealing with espionage and anti terrorism.

The handsome firefighter Nick moves into the cottage next door and they become friends. Due to an ankle injury he ends up spending Christmas with Vicky who is nursing him back to health.

As the snow falls heavily, they find themselves snowed in and their friendship turns to intense love. Nick, a secret Russian sleeper, has a contract to fulfill and the hit is Vicky.

You will find T K Geering on the following sites.

Amazon Author page:


Soulfate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60o4BzyBsZo&feature=youtu.be






 Welcome author Joanne Sexton.

Talent Spotter Jo Sexton Cover

The Chosen One

  Sera’s life quickly becomes surreal when she discovers she’s a princess from a realm so full of magical folk they give credence to every fairytale she’s read. The realm is in danger; a wicked warlock has kidnapped a princess, and it will take all seven princesses to save her. Transported to this celestial environment, Sera is immediately captivated by the elf, Keelor. It is love at first sight. He’s infuriating and aloof, but chemistry sizzles despite their attraction forbidden by law and lore.

Welcome Author P.S Winn

Talent Spotter cover P S WINN

A gift was passed down from her grandmother. All her life Andrea Moore has been able to see spirits. Now, her grandma has passed on, but Andi still talks to her. When Deputy Vaughn Walker asks Andi to help solve the mystery of four women who have disappeared, Vaughn, Andi and her friend Nate are going to find those from the other side influence this life and some spirits are pure evil. They also find themselves in the middle of the epic battle of good versus evil.

Purchase Here.


Welcome Author Lauren Grey

Talent Spotter cover LAUREN GREY

Threads of fate connect those destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. A mysterious music box that when opened, triggers feelings of unbearable emptiness and loss for Darby. Her nights become filled with haunting dreams that spill into her days. The successful journalist’s entire universe shifts sideways as her internal demons strengthen their grip. She loses her job, her friends and fears her sanity’s next. Conventional medicine and therapy have done nothing to ease her tortured mind. Desperate, she seeks out an old psychic. The woman reveals the mysterious box, and her disturbing dreams are unearthly messages and threads she must follow – no matter what she might find at the other end. Darby follows the threads to her ancestral home in Ireland. She’s determined to discover the secrets of the music box and who the woman is behind the eyes in her dreams. There she meets Neil and falls in love – but in spite of her new enchantment, the threads of time become even

Threads of Time available on –



on Amazon – in Kindle and paperback


Welcome Author Daniel Bogogolela.

Talent Spotter cover Danniel B


In this novel, author Daniel Bogogolela describes the lives and loves of a group of urban young adults in a typical South African township. Hawk and his friends explore friendship and relationships within the sub-culture, morality, social rules and dangers of township life. The story unfolds somewhat like a play, with incidents involving love, betrayal and even violence taking place as the scenes constantly change. The novel makes extensive use of township dialogue to give the book a certain feeling of authenticity, as the youngsters come to terms with township life.

Purchase Here.

And here is one of my own works. Author S. Burke. This work will be available #FREE for the 1st and only Time on 28th/29th JULY. Grab a copy while you can. The sequel is coming.

Amazon Cover

In Book 1 of the ‘Unintended Consequences’ series Acts Beyond Redemption takes you on a twisted, deadly ,journey.

Mike Matheson is head of a Special Task Force set up by the F.B.I to track down and apprehend the serial killers responsible for 18 brutal murders.

He and his team are exhausted, frustrated, and ready to burn out after almost five years and no leads.

Nothing in their experience has prepared them for this.

Nothing in their imaginations could conceive of the truth hidden in plain sight.
Someone on the inside is deflecting their weary eyes away from a truth too incomprehensible to be permitted to exist.

Revealing it and those that set it in motion would bring the most powerful country on earth to its knees. The corridors of power shake.

Who will be buried in the shattered remains of a country where freedom and honor are treasured above all things?

Just how far will those elected to protect and defend go, to keep the American dream alive?

Purchase Here or grab it for free from 28th July for two days only..

Join in the promotion! It’s free. Interested? That’s great. Here is all you need to do. Send me an email at  suzieb4burke@hotmail.com  I need your book cover, book blurb and purchase links etc. Please be sure to have the words Talent Spotter in the subject line.



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