Book Review: Sinnergog by Poppet

Sinnergog best cover

I needed to distance myself after reading Sinnergog.

The powerful emotions this work elicited had me scrambling for cover.

The brilliance of a story that evokes that type of powerful emotion in a reader can never be underestimated. Author Poppet takes your soul into her hands with her writing; she strips you to the bone, leaving you nowhere to hide. Such is the depth of perception and empathy she holds.

This author possesses that uncanny knack of gutting a reader, of carving the presence of the Characters into your psyche. You may well squirm in discomfort … yet, still you read on. At times, you read with the healing tears falling, and then with anger and denial at a soul so tortured by the inhumanity of his existence that his mind is forever altered, damaged and cancerous in its depths of destructive power.

Understanding seeps through you, into your veins it flows, yet, not suddenly; … the author grants no reprieve for the feint-hearted reader. The understanding arrives in a gradual horrific dawning, a crystal and pristine knowledge of what has gone before, and what must surely come.

She leaves you deprived of the ability to breathe; deprived of that protective refusal to acknowledge man’s inhumanity to man.Read this. Do not deny yourself a journey that will remain in your psyche long after closing the final page…and then, wait, knowing that more is yet to come.This book and the others in the Darkroom series echo on. It will be long remembered as a truly classic series.

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