The 9th Time’s The Charm (A Writing Rejection Fairytale)

Congratulations, Dyane! I have reblogged this, shared on my facebook page and tweeted it. More power to you. Thanks for caring so much about others with Postpartum Bipolar Disorder. Whilst I don’t suffer from this particular version, I know only too well what Bi-Polar Disorder can do to a life…Best wishes, my dear.

Dyane Harwood


Me aewd my ghostwriter Lucy

Happy almost-Friday, my friends!

This week life managed to surprise me in a good way. I’ll be honest with you…I liked it!

Some of you may remember the plethora of posts I’ve written about my writing rejection, i.e. Let’s Play The Schadenfreude Game – A Writer’s 1st Rejection, Chopped Liver (A Writing Rejection Merry-Go-Round), and Becoming More Lizard-Like (Another Ode to Writing Rejection).

I’ve had my blog pitches rejected by various Huffington Post editors a whopping eight times over the past 18 months. At one point I became so full of sour grapes over my Huffington Post rejections that I immersed myself in bath of negativity. I read articles written by people who despise the Huffington Post and who had their work rejected too. (There! See? I share my dark side with you – I never pretend to be Mrs. Glitterfart here!) 


I vowed to stop submitting to them

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3 thoughts on “The 9th Time’s The Charm (A Writing Rejection Fairytale)

  1. Wow – Soooz, I am so deeply honored!
    Thank you for this lovely reblog and for your wonderful encouragement.
    I’m a big fan of Australia and I went there by myself at age 24. I want to return someday. How I wish I got to Sydney, but only I went to Melbourne, and it was an adventure in all sorts of ways, some of which I write about in my book!

    I love all kinds of Australian music and I saw Yothu Yindi perform a long time ago at WOMAD in San Francisco. I’ve been enjoying listening to Paul Kelly, whose music I got to know through my favorite musicians Neil and Tim Finn. I like Tina Arena and even read her memoir. I’m a pop/rock aficionado as you can tell. I’d love to know what kinds of Australian music you enjoy.

    I started following your blog and I look forward to getting to know you.
    I’m also going to tweet this link to my followers so they can see what fine taste you have, LOL! 😉

    take care and have a beautiful Friday,


    1. You are most welcome, Dyane. My apologies for the lengthy delay in responding to your comments. The muse kicked me in the ass, and I have been in lock down writing for weeks now. I’m about to republish my Non-fiction books written under my pen name of Stacey Danson. They are my story. The subject matter is challenging, as child abuse featured strongly in my early years. I hope they are also up-lifting. The books sold incredibly well when first released, sadly my then publisher closed their doors and the books were removed from publication, it has taken me four years to be emotionally ready to re-publish them as a self-published author. I enjoy your posts, immensely and look forward to learning more about you as time goes on.

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      1. Thanks for the wonderful compliment! I am so impressed with your amazing-sounding book, Soooz, and the journey you’ve taken to get it out into the world.

        I encourage you to get in touch with another amazing woman/memoirist/blogger who’s a child abuse advocate. Her blog is called Memoir Notes (on WordPress) and the URL is Lynette very well might feature your book! Thank you for stopping by and never worry about taking time to reply to comments; God knows sometimes I take quite a while and occasionally space out and forget! :0 Take care & I wish you my very best with the re-publication of your book!


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